Walking the city: Berlin – Alexanderplatz to Brandenburg Gate 🇩🇪

Berlin is the perfect city if you just want a relaxed wander with lots of interesting sights, some on the tourist route and others a little more hidden. This recommended walk will take you from one of the main squares in the city, Alexanderplatz, to the iconic Brandenburger Tor. 

Distance: 3 miles/ 5 kilometres

Duration: probably around 2 hours –  depending on how many beer/coffee breaks you have!

  1. Starting at Alexanderplatz

Its impossible to visit Alexanderplatz without coming across the Welt Uhr (World Clock) or the Fernsehturm (TV Tower). Both of these iconic sights are easily identifiable, usually by the groups of tourists taking selfies or having guided tours. The TV Tower speaks for itself, you can see it from pretty much anywhere in the city and its often on the top of a tourists hit list. The World Clock is really interesting and great if you love traveling and want to see what the time is in the rest of the world.

2.From Alexanderplatz to the Nikolaiveirtel

Walk past the TV Tower, heading south west, you will pass a parade of shops selling everything from shoes to souvenirs and cocktails to coffees. Pass the RotesRathaus (Red Town Hall) and cross the road into the area known as the Nikolaiveirtel. Founded in 1200 and reconstructed in the years after WWII, the quaint area is famed for its traditional restaurants and the oldest church in Berlin; St. Nicolas’ Church.

Hint: Stop off for a beer in a hidden underground bar! Mutter Hoppe really doesn’t look much from the street, but venture inside, down the stairs and discover a warren of rooms filled with locals who will make you feel totally at home (even though they don’t speak any English!)

3. Nikolaiviertel to the Berliner Dom

Head over the river onto Museuminsel (Museum Island) and onto Lustgarten where you will see the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) with a view of the TV Tower behind.

(In the summer months it’s a great place to just hangout with a beer and people watch)

4. Berliner Dom to Bebelplatz

Cross over the river again, off Museum Island and onto the main street in the city; Unter den Linden. This street runs for approx. 1 mile all the way down to the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate). However before enjoying a stroll down to the Gate, make sure to make a quick detour to Bebelplatz – it’s more commonly known as the square of the famous Nazi Booking Burnings on 10th May 1933.  Here you can find a small, easy to miss tribute… a small glass panel in the floor looking down into a stark white, completely empty library.

5. Bebelplatz to the Brandenburg Gate

This one mile walk from east to west culminates in not only the most iconic German landmark but also the border between former East and West Germany. Take time to browse along Unter den Linden – you can find everything from the Daimlers Restaurant housed in the Mercedes-Benz store to an exclusive cigar club, along with Madame Tussaud’s, plenty of souvenir shops, a few Starbucks, an Ämpelmann shop (based around the love for traffic light people!) and even a Nivea superstore.

The Brandenburg Gate itself is not only beautiful but stepped in history.  Completed in 1791 as the gate to the city, it has seen many historical events, most famously the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

This tour is just something I’ve come up with after living in Berlin for 12 months and always having people wanting me to show them around.

It’s by no means the only way to see the city centre, but I think it gives you a good overview of Berlin, it’s history, it’s culture and it’s people within a few short hours. 

Feel free to explore further off the beaten track or stick to my recommended route, either way just make sure you enjoy Berlin for what it is – a beautiful city with lots and lots to offer!! 

Viel Spaß and remember…


Berlin TOP TEN

Hohenschönhausen Memorial


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