Why I love Loch Earn

This place truly is a little piece of heaven: no phone service, hardly anyone around, snow on the hilltops and amazing views ALL YEAR ROUND. 

my view as I write this…

Coming here for over 10 years means that this part of the world is very special to me. Relaxed weekends filled with blissful nothingness in the winter and fun packed weeks in the summer, walking the hills, kayaking and just having fun. Trips to Callendar or Crieff, Oban or Fort William, I really do think this is the best part of Scotland. It’s so central and you can get to Edinburgh or Glasgow in a few hours. Loch Earn (and it surrounding areas) is such versatile place and offers so much all year round. 

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, almost a full year, yet the sense of calm and peacefulness is exactly the same. Even if it rains, snows or sleets Loch Earn is still breathtaking. This weekend is cold, it’s trying it’s hardest to snow and still it’s the best place to be. 

This is the last time I’ll be here for at least 6 months so I’m soaking in the cold, but fresh air and just simply taking te time to appreciate how lucky I really am. 

Who can argue with views like this?


Even Oscar loves it!


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